Minimal working example on how to use biblatex for LaTeX

Biblatex is a powerful tool for creating and managing references in LaTeX documents. The following (minimal) example shows how to use it.
% Step 1: Load biblatex package
% Step 2: Define a file which contains my bibliography
% (This can also be in a separate file!)
author = {Tanenbaum, Andrew S. and Wetherall, David J.},
doi = {10.1016/j.comnet.2008.04.002},
edition = {5th},
editor = {Horton, Marcia and Hirsch, Michael},
isbn = {0132126958},
pages = {960},
publisher = {Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference},
title = {{Computer Networks}},
volume = {52},
year = {2010}
% Step 3: Add defined file as resource
\title{Minimal Working Example}
\subtitle{Using Biblatex}
\section{A Chapter}
% Step 4: Use a citation with \cite{}
According to Tanenbaum \cite{Tanenbaum2010}, computer networks are important.
% Step 5: Print the bibliography
In order to build the PDF file, you have to run the following steps. I use Debian jessie with the texlive suite. The filename for the tex-file is “biblatex.tex”.
$> pdflatex biblatex.tex
$> bibtex8 biblatex
$> pdflatex biblatex.tex
The first command creates all necessary information that is later used by bibtex8. The second command builds the references-files and the third finalizes the document using all previously created files.
You end up with a file called “biblatex.pdf” which can be found here: Biblatex MWE.
There are several options for the biblatex package, e.g. creating multiple bibliographies (one for online resources, one for “normal” ones), using different citation styles etc. For further reading, I recommend the official documentation, which can be found here: